Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Chettinad Kara Chutney

Chettinad Kara Chutney, this is a very popular chutney in Chettinad region. The authentic flavor and taste for this chutney comes from the shallots that are being used in this chutney. The same chutney can be done using onions too but tastes better with shallots. This Spicy chutney makes a very good combination with idli, dosa, uttapam etc... The same chutney can be made without using tomatoes but I like the tangy taste in it. So I have added tomatoes here. If you want a real hot chutney, avoid tomatoes and include more shallots.

Chettinad Kara Chutney

Preparation Time : 10 Minutes | Cooking Time : 15 Minutes | Serves : 4

Shallots - 25 No.
Garlic - 10 No.
Tomato - 2 No.
Dry Red Chili - 5 No.
Tamarind - 1 inch piece
Mustard Seeds - 1/4 tsp.
Urad Dal - 1/2 tsp.
Curry Leaves - 2 Strings
Oil - 2 tsp.
Salt - to taste

1. Keep the ingredients ready for making the chutney.
a. Peel and clean the shallots and garlic cloves.
b. Roughly chop the tomatoes.
Add shallots, garlic, dry red chili, tamarind and tomatoes into a blender and grind it to a paste without adding water.
2. Heat oil in  pan and add mustard seeds. Once the mustard splutter, add the urad dal and fry for few seconds.
3. Add the curry leaves and onion tomato paste.
4. Saute for a minute. Add salt and mix well.
5. Cook on medium flame till the onion tomato paste is nicely cooked and the raw smell goes off. Switch off the flame when the chutney consistency becomes thick.

Super Spicy Chettinad Kara Chutney is ready to serve with idli or dosa.

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