Wednesday, 16 December 2015

COOKING TIPS: How to Reduce the Stickiness of Lady's Finger

We usually avoid cooking lady's finger because of its sticky nature. 
Here are few tips to reduce the stickiness of the lady's finger while cutting and cooking. Note, it will not completely remove the stickiness but reduce to some extent.

Step 1: Wash the lady's finger.
Step 2: Wipe it dry with a kitchen towel. It should be wiped really dry else the wetness will make it more sticky while cutting.
Step 3: Cut the head and tail of the lady's finger.
 Step 4: Cut all the lady's finger. It should look as in the below picture.
Step 5: Cut the lemon into half and wipe it on the cutting knife. This will reduce the stickiness while cutting the lady's finger.
Step 6: Chop the lady's finger to your desired size and shape.
Step 7 : To reduce the stickiness while cooking, squeeze the juice of half lemon or add a tablespoon of curd or butter milk. 
Step 8 : While cooking, do not add salt until the stickiness goes off else adding salt will make the veggie more sticky.

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